Healthy servants need ongoing supportive relationships based on competent Biblical training. Ambassadors of Reconciliation supports the Missouri District with the systemic spiritual training for themselves and the congregation. Annual training events are sponsored to build environments of spiritual joy through the Gospel.

Ambassadors of Reconciliation is an international ministry founded to help Christians and their churches in carrying out their peacemaking responsibilities as Christ’s ambassadors. Their mission is equipping Christians and their churches for living, proclaiming, and cultivating lifestyles of reconciliation.  Ambassadors of Reconciliation is an independent, non-profit corporation whose approach is based upon Holy Scriptures. 

Ambassadors of Reconciliation works closely with Rev. Marty Hasz, PLPC, to provide invaluable resources for congregations.

District sponsored trainings for 2022-2023 are being planned now. Watch this space for updates.

Previous Trainings

January 5–February 2, 2022

Online Coaching Practicum

Wednesdays January 5–February 2
9AM – 11AM

Designed for Everyone
(Church Workers & Lay People)

You will learn how to biblically assist people in conflict with aids like "The Coaching Process". You’ll study key Scripture passages and acquire new tools for remembering the basic principles and applying them in everyday conflicts. Past participants report how they used these tools and principles to help others resolve everything from family squabbles to complicated lawsuits.

This is a special offer for church workers to attend at a discounted rate of just $40 for the whole course. (Normally the course is over $300.)  Since it is a virtual conference, it's easy to join from anywhere in Missouri via Zoom.


November 3, 2021

"Go and Be Reconciled" 
What does this mean?

A Seminar on Reconciliation Reviewing Luther's Small Catechism

November 3, 2021

As Christians living in a sinful world, we frequently address conflict with the world’s familiar ways. Although we should know better, we often respond to conflict by trying to escape or by attacking others. When we do, relationships are damaged, businesses and careers suffer, and the witness of the church is weakened.

In this Go and Be Reconciled: What Does This Mean? seminar, participants learned how to reverse this problem by studying Scripture passages and acquiring new tools for remembering the basic principles and applying them in everyday conflicts. God’s ministry of reconciliation is meant to be lived out in your daily life.

Contact the Missouri District Office for options on how to see this webinar 314-590-6200.