How the Call Process Works

The Missouri District President and staff are here to guide you through the Call process. This procedure helps you both attract and assess pastoral candidates. Your circuit visitor will usually attend all meetings and votes related to the Call.

Step 1

Notify the District President of your vacancy and establish a call committee.

Step 2

President Hagan will schedule a meeting with congregational leaders to outline the process and answer your questions.

Step 3

Rev. Peter Kirby will work with your congregation to create a vacancy survey for your congregation.

Step 4

Meet with Rev. Peter Kirby to discuss your plan for care for the pastor and his family.

Step 5

Complete your pastoral profile ranking, focused on preferred ministry skills and characteristics.

Step 6

Prepare or revise your ministry description.

Step 7

Use official nomination forms to solicit pastoral nominations.

Step 8

President Hagan reviews the list of nominees to ensure they’re eligible for a call, possibly adding names based on the completed Call process steps.

Step 9

Normally, unless your congregation’s bylaws designate otherwise, the Call Committee presents its top two or three candidates to the Voter’s Assembly (though at this point all candidates are still eligible for a Call).

Step 10

The Voter Assembly ballots to elect a candidate.

Receiving Call Documents

Once it’s time for you to receive your Call documents,  Sarah Irwin, Assistant to the President, will send them to you electronically, along with any instructions.

Calling a Commissioned Minister

To call a commissioned minister, contact our offices at 314-590-6200 to be directed to the Assistant to the President for Schools.

Synodical Graduate Call Procedure

Contact the Concordia University system institutions here.