Show Me: Missions


Every congregation in mission, but not alone.

“The Harvest is plentiful!” In urban and rural areas, small towns and the suburbs, crisscross this state and there are millions of people who are disconnected and distracted from the life-changing connection with Jesus and His Church. “But the laborers are few…” On our own, the task of reaching new people is overwhelming. It’s tempting to focus only our are own survival, but Jesus shows us a picture of thriving!  “Ask… Go… I am sending you…” Mission is a work of prayer and looking outward to the people and places Jesus is sending you. Together in the Missouri District (nearly 130,000 strong), we are God’s people working together and sent in mission.

The Missouri District works to cultivate an environment ripe for mission work and to support new mission fields across the state with mission education, leadership development, assessment tools, coaching, resources, events, and grants.  Below are the types of missions receiving your District donation dollars.

What can I do?

  • Give: Your offerings to the Missouri District fund our shared mission efforts.
  • Ask: You can pray daily for the harvest of new believers and the workers to reach them.
  • Go: Join over 100 churches in our District Plus One Process which will help your church identify and take one new outreach step into your community.
  • Multiply: You and your congregation can partner with our District in planting new ministries and churches.

What’s “multiply”?

Jesus describes the Kingdom of God with many images. Among His most vivid pictures is that of living things that multiply. Your church is alive. It is the Body of Christ! Healthy living organisms multiply. In the Missouri District, we focus on three levels of partnerships that multiply mission.

  • Plus One Community Outreach: Providing coaching and grants up to $1,500 for multiplying new outreach customized to your community. (Link to Application)
  • Special Ministry Grants: Networking leaders who develop new and sustaining ministries on college campuses, military bases and in rural/small town settings with resources and grants of up to $5,000.
  • Mission Grants: Partnering with congregations and circuits for “Church Planting” in new mission fields, “Re-planting” urban congregations and the development of Multiethnic Missions. The District coordinates these activities with one or more congregations, facilitating strategic development, assessment and training of workers, coaching, networking learning cohorts, stewardship training and major grants.

Contact Rev. Bill Geis before that time to begin preparing for this process.