The Missouri District offers a scholarship to those entering church worker programs at one of our Concordia Universities. Additionally, those from Missouri that are attending either Concordia Seminary, St. Louis or Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne are able to apply for aid.

Click here for application forms

Additional information:

  • Applicants need to be a member of a LCMS congregation within the Missouri District.
  • Students will need to complete the FAFSA as part of the application process.
  • The above application should be completed every year. (Even if a student was previously awarded a scholarship.)
  • Applicants should send the completed form to the Financial Aid office of the university or seminary that they are attending (not the Missouri District office).
  • Applications must be completed and submitted to the appropriate Financial Aid office by May 1.


Contact the Missouri District with any questions at 314-590-6215.

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