One New Step

Plus One is a process for congregations taking one new step into their communities. Through Plus One, churches all over this state are learning more about their communities and themselves. It is a process that celebrates the God-given gifts in every congregation, no matter the size or setting.

Plus One is simple, scalable to any size church and backed with a support system of trained coaches. More than a hundred churches (ranging from less than ten to more than a thousand members) are taking one new step into their communities.

Plus One Coaches

The key to this process are trained coaches walking alongside congregations. Plus One is a process that helps your congregation design its own initiatives. The Missouri District covers the cost of working with Plus One. They will listen and explore helpful questions. Coaches assist in a simple planning process. They are trained to use LCEF demographic tools with congregations. They are connected to a network of resources to support community outreach. They help with grants and funding strategies for community projects. Throughout the process, coaches follow-up and encourage with regular visits and phone calls.

Next Steps

The stories of Plus One congregations engaging their communities are multiplying every week. They are moving from the sanctuary to the streets, bringing Jesus to their communities. Together, the congregations of the Missouri District, are inspiring and encouraging one another to take one new step into their community.

Whether your congregation is already active in the community or uncertain of the direction it should go, Plus One coaches are available to help you design, resource, engage and even refine your community outreach strategies. Take that next step. Contact Rev. Bill Geis to start the process.

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