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On August 10, 2020 a derecho (intense wind storm) ripped across Iowa. In some places winds reached over 100 miles per hour, leaving significant damage all across the state. In addition to this, after the storm hit, much of Iowa struggled to regain power- some were left without power for over a week.

On August 27, 2020 category 4 hurricane Laura ripped into the United States. One of the hardest hit areas was Louisiana, though there is much damage over many states.

If you or a group would like to help our neighbors, please contact Rev. Marty Hasz, Disaster Response Co-Coordinator.

Rev. Marty Hasz

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If you’re dealing with a natural disaster,
contact the Missouri District office at (314) 590-6200.

Offering Hope and Healing after Natural Disasters

The Missouri District has many resources available to help in time of disaster throughout the state. No one starts their week expecting to find their home destroyed and possessions scattered. Though the event strikes fast, it can derail lives (and livelihoods) for months or even years. That’s why Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) trained volunteers step in.

LERT volunteers span the state, ready to step in and begin the hard work of disaster response. LERT trailers follow the wake of tornados and flooding. Our District Disaster Response Committee coordinates efforts of congregations and volunteers statewide. Missouri disaster response volunteers have also served on location across the country.

Unfortunately, we know there will always be need for LERT teams

Our goal is a strong team of volunteers ready to step into the aftermath of tornadoes and other devastating events. Our goal is to offer wisdom, hope and relief in possibly the worst moments of someone’s life.

Rev. Charles Schultz, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Imperial, and Rev. Marty Hasz, PLPC, Assistant to the President Church Worker and Congregational Health, serve as co-coordinators for Missouri District Disaster Response. If your congregation is interested in hosting a LERT training event, please contact us.

Rev. Marty Hasz, PLPC


Rev. Charles Schultz


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