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June 22, 2024
Basic LERT Training
Zion Lutheran Church
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Lutheran Early Response Teams (LERT)

Offering Hope and Healing after Natural Disasters

The Missouri District has many resources available to help in time of disaster throughout the state. No one starts their week expecting to find their home destroyed and possessions scattered. Though the event strikes fast, it can derail lives (and livelihoods) for months or even years. That’s why Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) trained volunteers step in.

LERT volunteers span the state, ready to step in and begin the hard work of disaster response. LERT trailers follow the wake of tornados and flooding. Our District Disaster Response Committee coordinates efforts of congregations and volunteers statewide. Missouri disaster response volunteers have also served on location across the country.

Unfortunately, we know there will always be need for LERT teams

Our goal is a strong team of volunteers ready to step into the aftermath of tornadoes and other devastating events. Our goal is to offer wisdom, hope and relief in possibly the worst moments of someone’s life. Keep scrolling to learn ways that you can volunteer with a LERT team or if you are in need of assistance after a disaster, find contact information below.

If your congregation is interested in hosting a LERT training event, please contact Marty Hasz.

Give to those Affected

Storms on December 10, 2021, resulted in the loss of life of a sister in Christ and significant property damage in Missouri. We invite all of you to join in relief efforts by praying for those impacted and by sharing financial gifts.  Online donations can be made by clicking here.  God’s continual care and concern for all of us has made us all well-equipped to do the same for others. Thank you for showing the love of Christ to a state needing comfort.

If you’re dealing with a natural disaster,
contact the Missouri District Disaster Response Coordinator:


Kris Schuldt


You can also contact your local Disaster District Response Coordinator:

Joplin Area

Richard King


Central MO

Kent Kunkel


Eastern MO &
St. Louis Area

Rev. Charles Schultz


Have additional questions? Contact Marty:

Rev. Marty Hasz, PLPC


Want the most up-to-date news on disaster response in the Missouri District? Follow the LERT Missouri District Facebook page!

Looking to help?

Did you know in order to officially help with Disaster Response with the LCMS, you need to receive LERT training?

Visit the new LCMS-LERT page and register to be a volunteer and receive updates about the Missouri District LERT.

More information about LERT training  here.
Additional disaster resources here.