Healthy Congregations

Healthy, flourishing congregations require a lot of moving pieces, like relationships with the staff and pastors, managing growth and crafting a long-term vision. Even when congregations are able to balance all of this, things eventually change, which can lead to uncertainty or stress. The Missouri District offers many avenues to help congregations achieve their best health, for the unencumbered sharing of the Gospel.

We are all witnesses to the love of Christ. Sharing our faith in the complex, diverse web of our relationships, however, is challenging. The Missouri District uses the new LCMS resource, “Everyone His Witness.”

This begins with a “Core Module” available through Concordia Publishing House. The six-hour training module can be shared in a variety of settings from small groups to multiple congregations taking part in a seminar. Plus One congregations are eligible for financial assistance with materials.

After completing the “Core Module,” members can take part in online learning communities where “Context Modules” address specific witnessing situations. The Missouri District can provide facilitators to assist congregations with witness training. Contact Rev. Bill Geis for more information.

As the people of God grow in the grace of Christ, they are sent into their communities. We have many resources and processes to help your congregation in this work to build meaningful relationships with the people near you.

We have a variety of resources available to assist and support your congregational work. These modules cover caring for church workers, leading change and developing leaders. Contact Marty Hasz to learn more.

If your congregation is struggling with conflict or indecision, needing reconciliation, or have questions on how to proceed during challenging times, please contact Marty Hasz.

Even though Elders take on significant responsibility, few receive any training or preparation for this crucial role. Our elder training strengthens the bond between elders and pastors and addresses topics such as church worker care, managing expectations, evaluations and more. Contact Marty Hasz to discuss arrangements for supporting your elders.

Increasingly our pastors and congregations are seeking support for developing lay leaders in their congregations. The needs are as diverse as the people we serve. From officer training to board development, children’s ministry to senior ministry, community engagement to multi-ethnic experiences, small groups to servant events, the Missouri District works to provide training to respond to the needs. Our services include District and Regional training events, as well as consultation with congregations seeking specific needs. Contact Rev. Bill Geis to learn more.

We are blessed! Every one of our congregations is surrounded with an abundance and diversity of God’s gifts. Leaders see the opportunities, and they see the burdens for educating, and raising up generous disciples in their congregations. The Missouri District supports congregations with resources which are biblical, faithfully Lutheran, holistic and simple in stewardship education and mobilization. Coaching support for congregations is available to address your specific needs. Contact Rev. Bill Geis to learn more.

People come to church yearning for clarity and direction. This kind of vision doesn’t happen on its own. The Missouri District offers strategic planning services to help you articulate and shape it for ministry that resonates with your flock and endures over time. This can help you:

  • Appeal to prospective pastors
  • Uncover your congregation's gifts and specialties
  • Adapt to a changing neighborhood
  • Address giving or membership stagnation

Learn more or contact Rev. Bill Geis for a consultation to discuss an approach that will fit your needs.