We are blessed to offer a variety of webinars.  Our 2023-2024 season of webinars will be announced soon!  We pray that you find these resources useful as you go about your ministry and life.  Click here to see previous webinars.

Previous Webinars

"Congregational Financial Forum"

"Building Relationships Despite Disagreements"

"A Call to Action: Family Ministry"

"Connecting with Immigrants and Refugees"
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"How Your State Tax Dollars Can
Send a Child to a Lutheran School"
More information: mo.lcms.org/mo-scholars

Pandemic Spirituality
Rev. Bill Geis

Imagining Children's Ministry
Rev. Marty Hasz, PLPC

Senior Ministry
Rev. Bill Geis

Youth Ministry in a Pandemic
Rev. Marty Hasz, PLPC

Caring for the Flock
President R. Lee Hagan

Ministerial Pain:
Managing What You Didn't See Coming
Rev. Marty Hasz, PLPC