We are excited to start our 2023-2024 webinar series!  We pray that you find these resources useful as you go about your ministry and life.  Click here to see previous webinars.

"The Big Goal: How to Nurture Lifelong Learners of God's Truth"
Presented by Pete & Deb Jurchen

It's easy to get confused and discouraged when trying to strategize meaningful family discipleship. Where do we start? Where do we aim? What do we do? How do we lead our households, both in our homes and in our congregations, towards spiritual maturity? In this webinar, Deb and Pete Jurchen propose a way of thinking through backwards design in discipleship. This framework is based on a larger project initiated by thought leaders in Synod for the building up of the Body of Christ. By beginning with the end in mind, they will present both a theoretical and practical structure for thinking through what lifelong learning of God's truth looks like in the household, as well as some ideas on how to foster it.

Pete and Deb Jurchen live in Imperial, MO, with their five children. Deb Jurchen is a rostered LCMS teacher and has experience in teaching the faith in a variety of contexts. Rev. Dr. Pete Jurchen is a pastor serving a call as an Editor at Concordia Publishing House. Besides writing and developing resources for the Church, he teaches classes on teaching the faith at Concordia Seminary and presents on a variety of topics related to lifelong faith formation.

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