Campus Ministry Network

Mission Overview

Campus Ministry Network, based in Columbia, serves the 15 different campus ministries across Missouri. The network is more then just a location finder for a campus ministry, though, it connects Lutheran students across the state and provides resources for the many different campuses. One of the biggest resources for students comes through the Go Leadership Retreat.

The retreat invites all college students (they don’t have to be Lutheran) to Columbia for an overnight retreat experience. This year’s theme and focus of the breakout sessions was “Witnessing & Telling the Testimony: How do you have spiritual conversations?” presented by Rev. Micah Glenn. There’s plenty of Christian fellowhip time too! This year 32 students came from all corners of Missouri, which is more then double the number from last year.

Lydia Ross, DCE in Columbia, spearheads the Campus Ministry Network and the Go Leadership Retreat. She coordinates with the many campus ministries to help them with sustainable campus ministry practices, such as how to successfully attend a school’s organization fair or ensuring that campus ministries have an accountable point person in place from year to year so that ministries will survive and thrive even after people graduate.


June 2020

This summer is going to look quite a bit different too for college ministry across Missouri. Most ministries depend on activities fairs and summer activities to build membership for the upcoming school year. With these activities being cancelled, the Campus Ministry Network has decided to take action and advocate for themselves!

The Campus Mission Network in the Missouri District will be a hosting two online campus ministry fairs for incoming students to learn more about their future campus home and ministry opportunities. These events will be online via Zoom, on June 24th and July 29th at 7 pm.

March 2020

Now that we are in a state of pandemic, Campus Ministry Network is planning several new outreaches to students and the community. Typically they feed students anywhere between 1-3 times a week at church, but now with all activities shut down, they are prepackaging homemade microwaveable meals and delivering them to students in need.

Other recent implementations include students leading devotions from their home on Instagram live for their congregation to watch and interact (Treasury of Daily Prayer Devotional on Instagram Live Daily (@gathering.como). Students are receiving handwritten greeting cards at home to continue their connections. Zoom Bible Study is on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm. CPH is sending out free copies of their unreleased “Psalms and Gospels” book that Campus Ministry Network will be mailing to students to study together.