Do You Ever Wish You Had Training to Be a Pastor’s Wife?

This past year, in the months leading up to the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, one could access numerous magazine and internet articles on the training that Meghan Markle was receiving in order to become one of the royal family.  Among her many lessons she had to learn to curtsy properly, master the royal wave, get briefed on many of the British traditions,  practice appropriate use of dinner cutlery, and rehearse slanting her legs instead of crossing them.  Apparently the life of a princess is more complex than Disney movies would have us believe.

Several years ago I was approached by a bright young woman who asked me where I went to “pastor’s wife training”. Had I not been looking her in the eye I would have thought she was joking, but she was not. When I asked for further explanation to her question she said this. “You know, where did you receive training on how to be a pastor’s wife: what to wear, how to play the piano, lead the choir, host people in your home and teach Sunday School?” Apparently the life of a pastor’s wife is more complex (in the eyes of others) than I had believed!

The role of a pastor’s wife is certainly unique, and while it can bring countless joys and unbelievable opportunities, it may also be accompanied with unrealistic expectations from those within the church. The life of a pastor’s wife may even leave a woman in that role feeling puzzled as to where she might fit in and contribute using her unique personality, gifts and talents.

Realizing the distinctive role in which the pastor’s wife serves, we would like to offer opportunities for them to gather for fellowship, encouragement, care (and fun!). This fall the Missouri District will be supporting and encouraging pastors’ wives to attend one of two retreats. On November 3rd a retreat is scheduled to take place at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Chesterfield, MO (in the St. Louis area), and on November 10th a retreat is scheduled to take place at Timothy Lutheran Church in Blue Springs, MO (in the Kansas City area).  Both retreats will be from 10am-2pm. The retreat theme for both of these events is “Puzzled”. It is the desired outcome of the retreat that each pastor’s wife will be affirmed that they are an important piece of God’s perfect plan. Invitations have been sent, but if, for some reason, you, or your pastor’s wife did not receive one, please contact the district office, or Kathy Chinberg

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