As a Concordia Health Plan member, you and your family have access to a wide range of services whenever you need help through the EAP. The EAP experts will make sure you have access to just the right type of help, whether it’s counseling, educational information, or other support resources. They’ll even do all the legwork in identifying your options for specific needs, such as finding the right childcare provider or an in-home health professional for aging parents.

+ Be sure to tap into a wealth of confidential resources to support personal needs, including:

+ Dealing with marital or family difficulties

+ Managing stress or anxiety

+ Finding professional legal and financial assistance

+ Identifying options in your area for childcare, senior living resources, and pet care

+ Access to Healthy Rewards® discounts

The EAP will provide referrals to professional resources in your area including many Christian counselors. The EAP covers up to six free face-to-face sessions with a counselor, per issue, per year, plus unlimited telephonic assistance. In addition, Cigna Behavioral Health offers a wealth of information and resources on its website at