May We Be Useful

May We Be Useful

Get Mark and bring him with you, for he is very useful to me for ministry.  2 Timothy 4:11

Paul and Barnabas parted ways in Antioch over whether to take Mark with them on their next journey.  Mark had previously abandoned them and was now the source of their disagreement.  While we do not know what became of the relationship between Paul and Barnabas, what we do know is that Paul and Mark are reconciled.  In writing to Timothy, Paul requests that he bring along Mark “for he is very useful to me for ministry.”

Once again, we see how the Gospel transforms relationships and lives.  Whereas Paul and Mark were once literally on different paths, now there is great value placed upon the relationship.  When Paul finds himself alone, with the exception of Luke, he desires to receive the encouragement and support that he now finds in his relationship with Mark.

What Paul writes of Mark is really the prayer of all church workers.  Our hope is that God finds use for us.  Our Lord has always worked through earthen vessels (and cracked pots) for the sake of His kingdom.  Though we are frail sinners with all kinds of weaknesses, our Lord still has use for us.  In the last few days, we prayed for youth and adults to consider entering into church vocations.  Church workers do not have to be perfect.  They never will be.  However, we are able to look back and see all of the pastors and teachers and other servants whom the Lord used to be a blessing to each of us.  We don’t pray for perfect preachers and teachers.  We pray that we would be useful to God in His kingdom work.  May God continue to move the hearts of men and women to useful lives of service to the Church and world!  And may we all be useful to God where He places us!

Prayer – Merciful Lord, for the benefit of Your people, You call faithful men and women to serve in a variety of offices in Your Church.  By Your Holy Spirit, guide many to consider the callings of servants in Your Church, to serve among us according Your gracious will; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Fraternally in Christ,
President Lee Hagan

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