Meet the People Focused on the Well-being of Missouri’s Servants

The Ministerial Health Committee meets quarterly to discuss your many needs as church workers, make plans to help meet them and promote resources valuable to you and your family.

Our committee members are experienced ministry professionals who share passion and expertise in church worker wellness. We’ve seen the joys and challenges of life in ministry and we’ve seen the toll it can take as well.

Seemingly mundane issues, like not getting enough exercise, can start small but snowball over time and lead to greater stress. Other issues, like struggles in your marriage, financial stress, mental illness or grief, can create significant obstacles to ministry and family life.

Church workers are actually more susceptible to obesity, depression, stress and dissatisfaction with their devotional life than the general population. Our committee is dedicated to examining these issues and offering a way forward for church workers and their families.

Our committee:

Rev. Dr. Darrell Zimmerman (Chair), Director, Grace Place Wellness Ministries
Mrs. Kathy Chinberg, Pastor’s Wife
Rev. Dale Kuhn MA, STM, LCSW, Coordinator of The Steward Clergy and Congregational Care Program, Care and Counseling
Deac. Ruth McDonnell
Ms. Laura Montgomery, Director of Educational Resources, LESA