MOScholars scholarships can be used by students attending eligible Missouri schools. Per statute, eligible schools include a home school as defined in section 167.031 or any of the following entities that is incorporated in Missouri and that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin:

  • A charter school as defined in section 160.400;
  • A private school;
  • A public school as defined in section 160.011; or
  • A public or private virtual school.

All schools must be partnered with the Missouri District, and all schools must be accredited through one of the approved accrediting associations to be an eligible school within the program.

Any qualifying student who is under one of our Lutheran Schools home school cover programs is also eligible for the scholarship where the school verifies that your child is indeed in a home school program.

Home schools must:

  • Agree to not pay, share, refund, or rebate any MOScholars account funds in any manner with the parent, qualified student, or any other individual within three (3) degrees of consanguinity (kinship/relation) to the qualified student.
  • Submit a proposed curriculum plan, or produce the records required to be maintained under section 167.031.2(2)(a), RSMo.
  • Provide the STO with authorization to conduct a review of the criminal history records maintained by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in the Missouri criminal records repository for every adult who resides in the home school, if the home school is given initial approval from an EAO.
  • When requested, produce the records required to be maintained under section 167.031.2(2)(a), RSMo.
  • Complete and provide the home school certification application.
  • Receive approval from an EAO and the State Treasurer's Office.