No Accidental Discovery

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

In 1928, Dr. Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered the effects of penicillin in his research of influenza.  It was a moldy petri dish that Fleming chose to examine rather than toss out that led to this great revelation that has saved millions of lives.  When Christians open their eyes to even the unexpected things in our lives that we encounter in our lives, we are able to see how God is at hand working good.

We can all easily list frustrations and things that we miss because of the effects of COVID-19.  There are no summer blockbuster movies to be seen.  Perhaps there were not community fireworks shows or town festivals this summer.  But God is still working good even in spite of the present circumstances in which we all find ourselves.

The restrictions that families have faced have provided more than just opportunities for new Pinterest recipes to try out and Netflix shows to watch.  Father and mothers have been given the opportunity to be the take up the responsibility of teaching their children the faith.  In the absence of Sunday School and youth activities, the best way to support children’s growing in Christ has been under the parents’ direction.  We know that is not a new discovery, but what God designed the family to be.  However, parents’ rediscovery of their role can be one of the blessings that comes from this crisis.  Imagine fathers and mothers being supported by their congregations to teach their children God’s Word, the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer, leading family devotions and singing the hymns of the faith together.  If this is one of the outcomes of this crisis, then thanks be to God!  While not every parent has stepped up in that role and not every congregation has provided intentional support for parents, it is possible and we can work together to that end (contact the district office if your congregation needs help in supporting parents).  We know that we have been called according to God’s purpose and this brings great consolation to us because parents understand the grace of God all to well.  A renaissance of parents teaching the faith is not accidental at all.  God is fulfilling His faithful promise of working good even through a time such as this.

Prayer – Almighty God, heavenly Father, You have blessed us with the joy and care of children.  Give us calm strength and patient wisdom that, as they grow in years, we may teach them to love whatever is just and true and good, following the example of our Savior. Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

Fraternally in Christ,

President Lee Hagan

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