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The Pastoral Support Network offers counseling and support services with a particular sensitivity to the unique issues ministers and their families may experience. If there’s an issue for which you’d like assistance, you can talk with a PSN counselor over the phone or get a referral for a counseling professional in your area.

In addition to counseling services, the PSN can help with your home and family life. PSN specialists will help you find quality referrals for child care, adoption, education elder care and pet care. These work life specialists sometimes make up to 100 calls to find a provider that meets your criteria – think of the time you could save!

The Pastoral Support Network is part of your health and wellness benefit, and is completely confidential. Neither your congregation/employer nor the LCMS will be notified when you use the services.

The Pastoral Support Network is offered at no cost and is available to all the family members in your household. For more information or to talk with a PSN specialist, call 888-712-1805.