We are on day two of “Tomorrow’s Teachers & Preachers”!  Today, we’d like to look at our teachers and school administrators. They work so hard creating a Christian environment where children learn about God and pursue academic excellence.  

So today, you can read all about Kendra Kendall, principal of St. Paul Lutheran School in St. Joseph. She is a great example that God can call us at any time into service in His Kingdom. Though she started teaching in a public school, she completed colloquy through Concordia, Seward and has now been in ministry for 10 years!

Here is her story:

“I absolutely feel Called to be in this ministry. Church work is not something I considered in my future until the opportunity to serve at St. Paul came along. I didn't realize how big Lutheran education was until I got involved. I grew up in public education, and my first teaching experiences were in public schools. I felt God leading me to take a pre-k teaching position at St. Paul. I later taught fourth grade. My daughter was able to attend St. Paul from preschool-eighth grade. I feel God guided me to be in this school so that my family could be blessed and so that I could serve the school and families in return. 

I have had many church workers make a positive impact in my life because I work with so many amazing people. There are two people who have really been there for me in my ministry over the past several years. Their love for Jesus and dedication to ministry shows in how they care for their church, school, and others. They are Bernie and Amelia Fortmeyer [pictured in Chief’s attire]. Bernie was the DCE when I first arrived at St. Paul. We directed VBS together. Amelia was my daughter's kindergarten and fifth grade teacher. She was also our interim principal and has agreed to come back to teach one more year at St. Paul. Bernie and Amelia have blessed my life greatly.”


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