Coaching People to Reconcile Practicum

We are proud to offer an online practicum “Coaching People to Reconcile”. This special event is hosted by Ambassadors of Reconciliation and is sponsored by the Missouri District.

These past twenty months have been very difficult for everyone. Having to undergo so much stress for such a long time has led to many people feeling “burnt-out”. All of this only leads to more conflicts. And while conflicts aren’t wholly avoidable, knowing steps and processes on how to handle a situation when it arises can navigate people through conflict more peacefully and lead to positive, Christian reconciliation.

Given the many months of stress, the Missouri District would like to offer a special price for participants of just $40 (a discount of several hundred dollars). Registrants will participate in the five week course where each lesson is taught by a live instructor from Ambassadors of Reconciliation and Missouri District’s own Rev. Marty Hasz, PLPC. Participants will also receive online access to the accompanying resources, course manuals, and discussion forums which can be accessed even after the course. The course runs on Wednesdays from January 5th to February 2nd, 2022 from 9 a.m.-11 a.m.. The course is run via a Zoom link, so you can participate from anywhere that has an internet connection.

This practicum is designed and hosted with pastors and church workers in mind, but it is open for anyone – even parents have found it a helpful resource for raising kids.

Register online: