Campus Ministry:

Lutheran Campus Center
at Northwest Missouri State

The Lutheran Campus Center (LCC) at Northwest Missouri State University is an active campus ministry. The LCC is affiliated with Hope Lutheran Church in Maryville, MO, and some of the members of their campus ministry often attend the church on Sundays. There are about five students that are involved with the LCC regularly, and while this may seem a smaller sized group, the ministry for these students and their presence at Northwest Missouri State is making a significant impact.

The Lutheran Campus Center has several weekly opportunities for the students to join together in learning and fellowship. They hold Bible Study on Wednesday nights at the LCC throughout the school year. And when Advent and Lent are happening, the students join together with the congregants at Hope for worship services. In addition to Bible Studies, every Sunday night, the members at Hope provide the students with free home cooked meals at the LCC. Oftentimes, the meals will be followed by a short Bible Study.

The Lutheran Campus Center also holds some large events on Northwest Missouri State’s campus. Joyce Cronin said, “What makes Northwest Missouri State University’s Lutheran Campus Center unique to other ministries is also the big events we hold. The students have chosen as their outreach/mission project mental health awareness.” They have an event each semester in the Student Union for the National Association of Mental Illness’ (NAMI) “Stigma Free Me,” in which they invite students to sign their pledge. NAMI and the University’s Wellness Office work with the students from the LCC to ensure that they have educational materials and resources about where individuals can get access to assistance and support if they need it. The students from the LCC also pass out stickers with the Suicide Hotline number to the students, faculty or staff who sign the pledge.

It’s amazing the impact that even smaller groups can have. Every moment is a great opportunity for Christians to show God’s love–bringing hope and planting a little mustard seed of faith.