MOScholars Update: Second Year Cause for Celebration

Calendar Year 2023 was the second year of MOScholars—Missouri’s tax credit program providing scholarships to families of children attending private institutions—and what a year it was! Thank you to all the taxpayers who participated in this endeavor that has made an impact that will last an eternity. Children throughout the state are now getting a quality education and hearing the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ at LCMS schools.

The Missouri District was able to distribute $867,000 in funds in 2023, which resulted in 136 children receiving a full MOScholars scholarship for the current school year. This total amount given, when combined with the funds from the first year of the tax credit program, means that more than $1.25 million has now been awarded to LCMS students by the Missouri District through MOScholars. Praise God!

“We know the expression—paying taxes is one of two certainties,” says Director of Mission Advancement for the Missouri District, Leah Sieveking. “So how wonderful and convenient that something we’re required to do anyway can now be easily transformed into a tool for work in God’s kingdom. MOScholars gives us all the opportunity to direct our tax dollars to a cause we feel strongly about—Lutheran education.”

The Missouri District looks forward to expanding the reach of MOScholars in 2024. Along with this group of 136 recipients, we’ll add additional students and their families for the 2024-25 school year. We welcome your participation in the MOScholars program again and thank you for walking with these students. The tax credit reservation system for this current calendar year is up and running once more. If you haven’t already started the process this year, you can begin at Additional questions can be directed to Leah Sieveking at 314-590-6211 or

Again, thank you for walking with the Missouri District and using your tax dollars to change the life of a child.