God’s intent is for families to raise children with Jesus in the center of family life; through joy, sadness, calm, fear, health, illness— in any and all times. However, in today’s culture, it can be challenging to establish a Christ-centered routine. Here are some simple first steps that your family can start today.

READ BIBLE STORIES Begin regularly reading the Bible as a family. Start with stories about the life of Jesus. Then talk about the story and ask questions based on the kids’ age and comprehension levels, “Can you imagine how much fish there was to feed over 5,000 people?”

PRAY TOGETHER Take time to pray and talk with Jesus. This is a great opportunity for parents to model asking for forgiveness. Thank Him, ask Him for help, apologize for sins, and ask for His forgiveness. Faithful families include prayer as part of their regular routine in the morning, bedtimes, or mealtimes. When families talk about their day— the highs and the lows—a simple prayer thanking Jesus for the blessings received and asking Him for help puts Christ in the center of the family.

CONNECT WITH OTHERS Our District’s Tell the Next Generation emphasis, the Family Discipleship Coaching Initiative, helps pastors and congregations connect and support families to live with Jesus every day.

In the coming weeks, two circuits are hosting Family Life events. Everyone is welcome to attend. Saturday, October 7, at Hanover Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau is the “Empowering Parents in their Role in Faith Formation” conference. And the Rolla Circuit is hosting a workshop “Joining Jesus as a Family” on Saturday, September 9 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. at Redeemer in Rolla. This event will help parents become more intentional and practical in raising the next generation of Christians. Contact these churches for more information, and make Christ a central part of your family today.