Rev. Craig Wehmeyer with his daughter at a children's message.
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In March of 1982, members of the Missouri District Board of Directors voted to establish an endowment for the purpose of providing scholarships for men and women preparing for careers in church work. It was a forward-thinking decision with an impact that is still felt today.

Over the years, God has blessed the Missouri District Student Aid Endowment Fund with additional gifts, some even through wills and bequests. In the last three years, $266,855 has been awarded to students from Missouri attending schools within the Concordia University System and at both seminaries. This upcoming academic year alone, 48 individuals will be receiving aid from the Missouri District.

While their vocations have taken them all over the world, many of those who have received scholarships are now serving in their home state. Rev. Jesse Kueker, pastor of Trinity Lutheran in Clinton, received a District scholarship throughout his years at seminary and knows what a blessing this type of assistance is—not only for future church workers, but also for God’s Kingdom.

“There is no greater need in our world than the need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified in Word and Sacrament. Thanks be to God for the generous saints within the Missouri District who have eyes to see that need and the hearts and the hands to help,” Pastor Kueker shares.

If you are or know of a student preparing for full-time church work, consider reaching out to the Missouri District for more information on how the endowment could help. For those with the eyes, hearts, and hands to help like Pastor Kueker describes, the District welcomes your participation in this endeavor started some 40 years ago. Your generosity is a blessing!