Musical Fine Arts in our Lutheran Schools 


We have all experienced the power of music. Research shows that music activates several regions in the brain stimulating new neuropathways, impacting our mood, reducing stress, connecting to others, and even helping us to recall information. Music is weaved throughout our everyday lives from the visual arts, dance, to theatre. We are designed to be social creatures and music is one of those gifts God has provided giving us that opportunity to connect with others.


In Ephesians, we learn about being imitators of God, walking in love and being a fragrant offering “addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart.” (Ephesians 5:19) And our Lutheran schools across Missouri are immersed in utilizing a wide range of musical fine arts. These opportunities serve not only for students to learn and grow, but also as a powerful witnessing tool to our community.


Take, for instance, Immanuel St. Charles. Since 1986, Immanuel has intentionally brought congregational adults and students grades four through eight together in instrumental, choral, and colorful acting to share the good news of Christ’s birth through a medieval Boar’s Head Christmas Festival. Calvary in Kansas City creates connections by students going caroling right before Christmas break. Many elementary schools also have musical fine arts programs, like Zion Harvester’s Fiddle Festival and Lutheran High in St. Charles who utilizes jazz, choral opportunities in worship, and even theatre to push their students to take a more active role in production, directing, and performance.


Lutheran Schools are and continue to build generations of leaders by helping them hone their God given gifts and abilities putting themselves out there utilizing musical fine arts to bring people together as Martin Luther said, “there are, without a doubt, in the human heart many seed-grains of precious virtue which are stirred up by music.” This December, may God bless you and your family through the gift of music celebrating our Savior’s birth.