Zoe’s Home is a pregnancy and parenting home offering a safe place for moms. It’s literally a house where soon-to-be moms or new moms can live. In addition to a safe living environment, Zoe’s Home is a ministry, offering residents a variety of trainings (like parenting classes, financial education, case management, and more) plus lots of prayer. The director of ministry at Zoe’s Home works with residents to make goals, identify barriers, and learn how to overcome obstacles in their lives.

Located in Clinton and connected with Trinity Lutheran Church, Zoe’s Home has worked since 2016 to help women in need. Initially, it operated under a pregnancy center with Trinity owning the home. However, in the fall of 2021, Trinity decided to continue the project without the pregnancy center, reopening Zoe’s Home in June of 2022. Emily Stocking, who now serves as executive director of Zoe’s Home and attends Trinity, says the relationship between Trinity Lutheran Church and Zoe’s Home is great. “Trinity is extremely supportive,” says Stocking. “They are passionate about helping women in their time of need.” Since they reopened in 2022, they have helped 12 women and 15 children. Most women stay for about an average of nine months. But they are allowed to stay in the program as long as they’re working towards their goals.

The name Zoe’s Home is based on the biblical account of Jesus interacting with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4). Like the Samaritan woman, who does not see herself worthy of interacting with Christ, Zoe’s Home works with its residents to ensure they know Christ’s love and life for them. The Greek word for life is “zoë” so the name, Zoe’s Home, fit perfectly.

If you would like to help this ministry, be sure to follow their Facebook page (@zoeshometlc) where short term needs and immediate prayer requests are listed. If looking to donate or volunteer, contact Emily Stocking at emily@zoeshometlc.org Otherwise, prayers are always greatly appreciated.

What a blessing for the community around Clinton to have a church and ministry surrounding women in need with God’s love!