Three generations served together with the 6th grader mowing while his dad and grandfather raked and spruced up the yard.

Families with members from 5-year-olds to grandparents cleaned up yards for 14 homes in the church’s neighborhood. The neighbors were given a potted plant with a note of encouragement and the adults, teens, and children made special connections with the homeowners. Children raked, pulled weeds, and carried brush while adults handled power tools and heavier jobs. By the end of the day, seven little boys were all raking together in a yard.

All generations of servants chose cards for seniors, military chaplains, and firefighters as a favorite project.

Husbands and wives partnered to make sandwiches for distribution in the city.

Creating bracelets for bingo prizes for a Lutheran Senior Center was a big hit with families. One dad helped his daughters get lots of beads strung on lots of laces! A grandmother and granddaughter also enjoyed this creative project.

One family chose to donate and serve at a food bank. Their shopping became a math game! With a specific amount of money for their food donations, the cost was added as each item was placed in the cart. The whole family worked together and came within 50 cents of their target amount.