Campus Ministry is a Go

Campus ministry is an invaluable source of comfort and a great resource that strengthens our young adults as they navigate a fallen world in this next step of their lives. There are many LCMS campus ministries across Missouri, eight of which are directly supported by the District. Campus Lutheran Church in Columbia has many great and impactful ministries, some of which include their campus ministries.

Mizzou freshman Lauren Bruss got involved with the Lutheran Student Fellowship at Campus Lutheran. “It was always important to me to find a church family during college since community is so important when it comes to worship,” notes Bruss. “My advice for anybody considering joining a group like this is to pray about it. It can seem like belonging is hard to come by in college, but asking for guidance and surrounding yourself with people who point you toward God is what truly helps you find your place.”

If you would like to get connected to a campus ministry, or perhaps you would like to connect a student you know, but not sure where to start? Visit to access our Campus Ministry Network. This is a collection of Campus Ministries across Missouri. You simply click on the school where the student is attending, fill out the contact form, and your information will be passed on directly to that school ministry. It’s a great way to make that first introduction into a ministry.

Another great way to make connections is by joining together in fellowship and learning. Students from all across Missouri are invited to attend the GO Leadership Retreat February 9–10. This is the sixth year for this great event, hosted by Campus Lutheran. This year’s theme is “Big Questions, Biblical Answers” and features speaker Dr. Brad Alles. Students arrive on Friday evening and everything wraps up by 3 p.m. on Saturday. There is plenty of fellowship, food, worship, and speaker sessions. (Plus it’s easy for students to overnight as Campus Lutheran’s facilities already have showers and air mattresses for students to use.) Register by January 31 at to get great resources on how to witness Jesus Christ on your campus and in your life.