Are you prepared for when a disaster strikes near you or your neighbors? Did you know that there are Lutheran Early Response Teams all across our state (and country) that are trained to help in the event of calamities? If you have thought about serving as a volunteer, now is a great time to receive training and get connected to a LERT group!

There are two trainings coming up, a Basic Training and a Chainsaw Training. Volunteers new to the program, must have completed the Basic Training before completing the Chainsaw Training. Those aged 14 or older are welcome to participate. (Those aged 14-17 can attend the Chainsaw Training, so they can participate at a site as a dragger, but cannot become an chainsaw operator until aged 18.) This training runs from the morning til the early afternoon, with refreshments and lunch provided.

To learn more about the schedule, registration fees, and needs for the class, simply visit Here you’ll find the links for the respective classes.

Be prepared for the next disaster; get prepped with LERT training!