For the fourth consecutive year, the Missouri District is pleased to host a statewide servant event. Based on Matthew 5:16 and aptly named SHINE!, the event runs April 12-21, 2024.

We’re once again blessed to have a list of sponsors who are helping to provide matching t-shirts for those who are “shining.” In 2024, these shirts will be red! (Please note: The cutoff date for ordering t-shirts will be Tuesday, March 12.)

“To God be all the glory for such an opportunity as SHINE!” says Josh Swartz, Director of Schools for the Missouri District. “We do not do this for the accolades or the pats on the back. We engage in outreach events like SHINE! because it matters. It matters, to those we serve, and to the next generation we are raising up.”

Since its inaugural year in 2021 with more than 5,000 participants, SHINE! went on to almost double that in 2023 with more than 10,000 volunteers. Last year, the Missouri District was joined by the Northern Illinois District. They’ll be back in April…and new to the group is the Nebraska District and an energetic congregation from Virginia.

“I remember my first visit to the Missouri District and learning about the SHINE! servant events,” says Swartz. “I was so astounded to learn that a District took such an active and bold role in firing up the masses to go out and impact the community, and to learn just how fired up the masses were.”

Indeed, the Missouri District is as fired up as it has ever been about serving in April and looks forward to seeing you all in action this spring. Shine on, Missouri!