Reconciliation Training

The Christian life is one of constant conflict, repentance, and forgiveness. To help navigate this, the Missouri District is offering a Conflict Resolution Vs. Reconciliation Seminar. It’s an interactive Bible Study presentation to learn practical ways to apply your Christian faith in family, business, church, and legal conflicts.

When Christians respond to conflict as the world does, relationships are damaged, businesses and careers suffer, and the witness of the church is weakened. This seminar will study key scripture passages, learn basic conflict resolution principles, and application to everyday conflicts.

All children of God are called to be peacemakers, so this seminar is perfect for everyone. There is no cost to attend, and there are two locations from which to choose.


Alive in Christ Lutheran Church

201 Southampton
Columbia, MO 65203

September 23

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St. Matthew Lutheran Church

700 NE Chipman Rd.
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

September 30

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“I look forward to partnering with Alive in Christ and St. Matthew to present this seminar. It will strengthen your Christian relationships and teach how to approach any conflict with patience and tact. Using this Biblical process, we’ll discuss how to turn seemingly mountain-sized challenges into manageable little speed bumps.”

Marty Hasz
Director of Church Worker Support