Our Redeemer Lutheran partners with Bessie’s Mission, a Kansas City area non-profit, to host a Bible study and distribute food, vouchers, clothing, personal care items, and cups of coffee to homeless and financially strapped neighbors. Whatever the weather conditions, members are out in the parking lot every Monday morning to share the love of Christ and invite those they are serving into the fellowship hall for a time in God’s Word. The group gathered recently to review how Jesus forgave and healed the paralyzed man lowered into a house by his friends (Luke 5). Thank you for your continued prayers and financial gifts! You are a partner of Our Redeemer and many other mission sites through our mission grant process.

The account of the paralyzed man ends with an amazed and thankful group of onlookers. “We have seen remarkable things today” (Luke 5:26). Participants in Our Redeemer’s Monday Bible study can see it in their own lives—how God can take broken people in seemingly hopeless circumstances and restore relationships with Him and each other. What happens each Monday in Kansas City is just one of the “remarkable things” we see God doing daily throughout the Missouri District: worship in a dozen languages for immigrants and refugees, new congregations being planted, college students hearing about who they are in Christ at campus ministry sites, military personnel knowing God’s peace in uncertain times, and rural congregations strategically sharing resources and workers to advance the Kingdom.


We can daily celebrate the ultimate “remarkable thing” our God has done—sending His only Son to die on a cross and be raised from the dead so that we may know eternal life. It is this message that we joyfully and boldly proclaim throughout Missouri…and we invite all of you to join in this work. Would you please prayerfully consider supporting the mission efforts of the Missouri District by making a financial gift?

Head to https://mo.lcms.org/donate/

Your investment will be a blessing that will make a difference for eternity. Thank you for your generosity!

The man healed in Luke 5 went home praising God…the onlookers who saw Jesus at work praised God… and people of the Missouri District join in these shouts of praise and thanksgiving today. What a remarkable God we serve!