Calvary Lutheran High School

Location: Jefferson City      Enrollment: 97

In the heart of central Missouri lies Calvary Lutheran High School. With a focus on forgiveness–and therefore acceptance–they find that their students don’t feel the need to prove their worth. They are very intentional about nurturing a relationally-driven approach, which includes hosting new student retreats and game nights in the summer. But academics and extracurricular activities are also important at Calvary. In archery and scholar bowl, for example, Calvary students compete and place well against schools of all sizes.

“In a world of high winds (of change) and crashing waves, it is crucial that all Christians are anchored in the truth and grace of Jesus Christ,” says Executive Director John Christman, “We can intentionally teach this in all subjects to Christian young adults at Calvary Lutheran High School. Our graduates are prepared to engage the world. ‘Wise as serpents, but innocent as doves.’”