Lutheran North Middle & High School

Location: St. Louis      Enrollment: 325

Lutheran North has been pillar in their community for 75 years. More than half of their 325 students are not Lutheran, making it a beautiful opportunity for sharing the gospel. In addition to the 14 state championships and 120+ district championships in athletics, Lutheran North added an esports team this year to give students the opportunity to collaborate and offer more scholarship opportunities outside of sports. The equipment for the team was funded through partnerships with other organizations.

Lutheran North was the first school in the St. Louis metro area to have virtual learning. They began using it in 2014, well ahead of Covid. This offered them a great head start when they moved into extended virtual learning in 2020. When they brought students back to campus, they installed an air-purification system and set many protocols in place to ensure the safety of the students. They even had a few students transfer into the school due to public schools not offering these options.