Saint Paul Lutheran High School

Location: Concordia     Enrollment: 198

Saint Paul is the oldest Lutheran high school in the LCMS, and it’s a residential high school, so there are domestic and international students living on campus. Sometimes their international students come from countries where learning about Jesus is illegal! In addition to strong athletics, Saint Paul also has many extra-curricular outlets. Their choir has gone on tour for the last 50 years and has sung at places like Carnegie Hall and in Europe. While Covid slightly decreased the number of international students, Saint Paul has seen an increase of families who are concerned about public school policies. “Lutheran education has a long history of being high quality education that starts young students out on the road to success in life,” notes Clint Colwell, Director of Admissions, “Our commitment to our mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all of our students has a global impact from our little town of Concordia, MO. The Lutheran School commitment of doing what’s right in the face of what is or is not socially acceptable sets Lutheran schools apart. Come for the education, stay for the truth.”