Lutheran High School South

Location: St. Louis     Enrollment: 450

Lutheran South is the largest Lutheran high school in our District, but their size doesn’t detract from the focus being on the education of future Christians. “We believe students need community more than ever,” says Kippin Schelp, Communications and Marketing Director for Lutheran High North and Lutheran High South. “The isolation that Covid brought to some reinforced those beliefs. Teenagers get so caught up in their image, their ACT score, their place on a team, or chair in band. Our mission is to remind students every day that their true identity is in Christ, that they are saved and loved by their Creator, and that no test grade, date to prom, or finish in a race, will ever change that.” Lutheran South also converted a classroom into a courtroom last year so they can practice mock trail easier. Over 40 students participate and they made it to state quarterfinals last year.