One of the strongest resources regarding conflict that the Missouri District offers to church workers and congregations is Built on the Rock. Authored by Ted Kober, who has vast experience with reconciliation through a Christ-focused center, Built on the Rock takes congregations and congregational leaders through conflict resolution. The book, however, serves as more than just a guide for navigating conflict, but also helps congregations provide long term reconciliation. It’s divided into four parts: the foundation for health, practical applications for improving spiritual health, restoring health and nurturing spiritual wellness, and healthy spiritual leadership. There are also discussion questions to accompany each chapter.

Rev. Steven Moser, a pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Springfield, and his elders are using this book to help their church. Moser notes that even though their congregation is on a healthy footing, they are in a bit of a transition since their senior pastor accepted a call. Moser comments that he first heard Built on the Rock at a District E2 conference where President Hagan referenced the material. Easy to incorporate into existing studies, Moser notes that their elders take 30-45 minutes before their regular meetings to read a chapter. Down the road, they are looking to share a condensed version of the resource with the congregation. “I would highly recommend it,” remarks Moser, “We’re reading our next chapters at the beginning of elder meetings and our response with all the elders has been extremely enthusiastic.”

Rev. Steven Theiss, currently serving as a vacancy pastor, also used Built on the Rock to help congregation members to find constructive ways to talk to each other. “[Built on the Rock] was first referred to us by Marty Hasz,” explains Theiss, “We worked with the board of elders… and we used it for a church leadership study and review with the focus of who we are as God’s people and how we’re called to live with each other based on the Word of God...The Holy Spirit is working through the Word.” Theiss encourages, “This should be something that every seminarian should be exposed to, that every pastor should bring with him... for addressing Satan’s attacks on the church.”


To purchase Built on the Rock for your congregation, visit Ambassadors of Reconciliation .