Theology Workshops 2023

This June, there are several opportunities to dive deeper into theology. In summer, some professors from our two seminaries offer courses across the country. Hosted by local churches, these are great times for learning deeper and practical applications of our Lutheran theology. These courses are for everyone. The material is designed so that both church workers and laypersons will find it engaging to attend.

There are three topics being presented in our District. See below for their full details. The registration for these classes closes two weeks before the start date. For more information and the registration link, visit

This course examines some of the most influential works of Dr. Martin Luther on the psalms and places a particular focus on how the psalms shaped Luther as a pastoral theologian.


Our world today is looking more like Clement of Alexandria’s who conversed and sought to persuade a variegated and syncretistic Alexandrian culture. This course will define this ancient approach called protreptics, provide a historical background to protreptics and allegory, examine 2nd- and 3rd-Century Alexandria, with an opportunity to understand Clement’s teaching method, and suggest a protreptic approach to engage people today in the post-Christian world.


C.S. Lewis continues to be one of the most important modern authors among English-speaking Christians. His fiction has delighted children and adults alike, and his nonfiction has encouraged and challenged the Christian as well as the skeptic. This workshop will look at the thought and writings of Lewis, especially as they intersect with themes important for Lutherans, such as the theology of the cross, faith, science and reason, and the role of beauty for belief and ethics.