Since 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May. Today, we’d like to point out resources that contribute to the mental wellbeing of church workers. Across the Synod and in our District, the need for church workers is great. (“Church Worker Recruitment and Retention” is one of the District’s strategic emphases for the 2022–2025 triennium.) One of the ways to help combat this worker crisis and increase worker retention is by taking care of church workers already in the field, including taking care of their mental health. The below resources are excellent ways for our pastors, educators, and church workers to have resources for their mental health and wellbeing. May they be a blessing to you in your ministry!

Grace Place Wellness

Grace Place Wellness is a ministry that uses retreats and supplies resources to teach professional church workers skills and practices that enable them to experience a long, joyful, and flourishing career. The Grace Place Wellness Wheel and books “Reclaiming the Joy of Ministry” and “Reclaiming the Joy of a Church Vocation” are great resources. See these and more at:

Concordia Plans

Concordia Plans members have access to a new resource: The Evernorth Confide Behavioral Health Navigator. This includes features like eight free sessions per topic, confidential access to discreet care, immediate 24/7/365 access to clinical help, appointment within three days of a request of a counselor, in-network providers guaranteed, and more. A great resource!

Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat

Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat offers week-long counseling retreats to pastors, church workers, and spouses. Help combat burnout, depression, fatigue, and conflicts by unplugging and attending one of these retreats, located in Arizona. No one is turned away due to lack of funds. Reach out today:


DOXOLOGY provides trainings, mentoring, and consultation services grounded in Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions. They help emotionally and spiritually refresh pastors and equip them to more faithfully pastor to others struggling. There are many resources available, get started at:

Have questions? Connect with Rev. Marty Hasz, Director of Church Worker Support for the Missouri District at 314-590-6204 or