Family Discipleship Coaching information mailing including the registration sheet to submit and information about the Family Discipleship Coaching Initiative was sent in early November to each Missouri District congregation. Four coaches and the congregations they are serving have begun the Coaching Initiative. All thirteen coaches are ready to serve with prayerful and eager hearts: “I am open to help whatever congregation the Lord might lead too,” said one. First step in the process of the Coaching Initiative and be assigned a coach is to complete the Registration and Commitment Form and send it to the District Office.

Family Discipleship Coaching Facilitator, Pam Nummela, recently began serving the Missouri District to connect congregations and coaches for the Coaching Initiative. Pam is one of the 13 coaches and has served the LCMS as a teacher, DCE, principal, and CPH VBS editor. One of her greatest joys is to walk alongside families as they grow as disciples of Jesus with Christ-center homes and in their congregations. Contact Pam at 913-515-9276 or

The Call to Action: Family Ministry Webinar is available on the website. Rev. Steve Andrews and DCE Pam Nummela discuss Family Ministry in the home and the Family Discipleship Coaching Initiative that will equip you, your pastor, and congregation to move to home centered, church supported faith formation. Make changes now to enable parents to grow in faith and raise their children in a home where faith practices like prayers, Bible reading and talking about God’s Word, His love and grace, and habits of Christian living are lived and taught. If you want to share or see the webinar, the recording is available at this link:

Tell the Next Generation Conference: Christ-Centered Homes will be held in person on March 11 at Lutheran High School St. Charles at 5100 Mexico Road in St. Peters. Pastors, church staff, lay leaders, parents, and grandparents – anyone interested in ways to grow as disciples and tell the next generation about Jesus our Savior should attend. Registration will begin in January.