Taxpayers to the state of Missouri—both individuals and businesses—now have the unique opportunity to direct up to 50% of their state taxes to Lutheran Education. This summer, the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office launched a new tax credit program called MOScholars. The program allows organizations like the Missouri District to convert these tax dollars into scholarships for qualifying students attending LCMS schools throughout the state.

To date, taxpayers have worked with the District through MOScholars to provide scholarships for 23 students to attend Lutheran schools. These children are now receiving a quality education and hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For many, this opportunity would simply not have been possible without MOScholars. There are currently 75 additional students awaiting LCMS scholarships for this school year. The deadline for helping these students is December 31, making now a great time for taxpayers to participate in MOScholars.

Directing your taxes to Lutheran education through this program is as simple as completing an online form and pre-paying a portion of your taxes in the amount of your credit reservation. The Missouri District website ( contains even more information on MOScholars, as well as the links to get the process started. Leah Sieveking at the District office can be reached at or 314-590-6211 with any other questions.

At no additional cost and with minimal effort, MOScholars allows taxpayers to decide how their tax dollars should be spent. Directing these tax dollars for scholarships to attend Lutheran schools is a blessing to children and families that will make an eternal difference. Thank you for your participation in MOScholars through the Missouri District.