Professional Church Workers’ Conference 2023

This past October, it was a great joy to have our first in-person gathering of the Professional Church Workers’ Conference in six years! The Missouri District office provides many resources for additional learning, one of which are conferences. While often there are pastoral conferences and educational conferences, every so often all church workers are gathered together for learning, respite, and fellowship in our Professional Church Workers’ Conference. This year, we were blown away with over 600 participants!

The theme was “A Reason For Our Hope” based on 1 Peter 3:15. This was expounded on by our many breakout leaders and our plenary presenters, Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford, Rev. Dr. Justin Hannemann, and Dr. Brad Alles.

“I witnessed many reunions and conversations among church workers,” noted Missouri District’s Rev. Peter Kirby. “It was a joy to get together with the District Church workers after such a long time due to the pandemic. There was a positive energy throughout the conference.”

Thank you to all who came, and we pray God’s blessings on your ministry!