Quarterlife is a ministry initiative started by the Missouri District several years ago to gather adults in their 20s and 30s for time around the Word, networking, developing friendships, and more. This ministry is composed of autonomous groups across Missouri who gather together for Bible Studies and fellowship events. Two of the larger Quarterlife ministries are in the St. Louis area and the Columbia area.

Eric Bear, Vicar at Village Lutheran Church in Ladue, serves as the Bible study leader for the St. Louis Quarterlife ministry, which draws in Lutherans from many churches across the St. Louis area. “You have young adults who are connecting to other Lutherans and being fed by the Word of God as they live out their various vocations,” notes Bear. “All these accomplish the strengthening and encouragement of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.” Those in the St. Louis area can join together for weekly Bible studies and the occasional cookout or “Theology on Tap” where those gathered (usually with a mug of ale) can ask a pastor or vicar theological questions in a casual atmosphere.

Quarterlife Fellowship in central Missouri is hosted by Campus Lutheran Church in Columbia and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Centralia who join together in shared ministry to reach young adults not only at their churches, but also in the community. Natalie Carlson and Emilia Trickey serve as leaders in the ministry. Carlson moved to Columbia as a graduate student and was looking for an environment which better reflected her age. “Because of Quarterlife, I have made so many friends, both from Columbia and Centralia, and grown in my faith,” says Carlson. “Beyond study, we have served together both within the church and community. … Having a group to pray with and for has also been a huge blessing! As a group, we are witnessing to new believers, and one group member wishes to be baptized later this summer.” Quarterlife Fellowship meets for Bible study on Mondays and also has fellowship events like Pickleball and meals. Recently they shared a weekend of camping.