Liturgical Art

with LCMS Artist Kelly Schumacher

Artist Kelly Schumacher has found a unique way to serve the Lord, by using her talents to make liturgical art. Schumacher explains that there is a variety of religious art styles. Historical Biblical images depict an event that took place in the Bible, like Moses parting the Red Sea. Devotional images occur when the humanity of the scene is emphasized, often the subject will be gazing at the viewer. Liturgical images show heavenly and cosmic elements revealing the invisible church.

While liturgical art can take on different interpretations within Christian denominations, Schumacher focuses on using her art within the grace-minded setting of Lutheran theology. She explains her focus on liturgical art is, “anytime that the art can affirm the liturgy and the means of grace, such as the agnus dei, the historical narrative, the forgiveness of sins, the creed, the six chief parts of the catechism, etc.”

Hailing from the St. Louis area, Schumacher has always had an interest in art, something she has carried from youth into adulthood receiving a Master of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. In 2013, she started Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts. “When I was in graduate school, there was so much bad art–and not poorly done– just unchristian,” explains Schumacher, “...I spent my master’s degree to see how my faith could be manifested in art. How can we take our historical doctrine, music tradition, and our liturgy and make art... and art that didn’t have to be abstract. I wanted to show how concrete and tangible our doctrine was, because it’s based in historical narrative.”

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