Transfiguration Lutheran Church in St. Louis has served as a beacon of light in their community for 120 years with Rev. Aaron Dickerson currently presiding as pastor. Each September, Transfiguration hosts a “Community Day”.

Ms. Leslie Jones, Transfiguration church president, oversees planning out everything that goes into Community Day. “Through our pastoral and lay leadership, and organization of auxiliaries and committees, we strive to preach, practice, and teach, the word of God,” says Jones. “Our love for God, the members of the church, and people in the community drive us in our efforts to meet the needs of all people. We are proud of our rich heritage and history being the first African American Lutheran Church west of the Mississippi.”

They go all out with games, activities, food, and entertainment. But, their main goal is for members of the community to connect Transfiguration as a place of love and worship, as well as a place to obtain resources. So transfiguration partnered with local, neighborhood schools (there was an amazing drum line performance!), healthcare facilities, homeless shelter, and fire and police departments to help make Community Day even more impactful.

The Sunday following Community Day, Transfiguration hosts “Invitation Sunday” where visitors of the event are welcomed into worship. This Sunday they had several new visitors, who had attended the Community Day less than 24 hours before. What a great example of ways to share God’s love by connecting with community members!

They will soon celebrate their 120th anniversary with a special worship service and banquet on November 11. God’s blessings to them as they celebrate this milestone!