One of the biggest resources that the District offers is professional development and guidance for church workers. In education, we are blessed not only to have Alan Freeman on staff at the District Office, but also to have District Early Childhood Co-Consultants Cheryl Haun and Lee Wagner to help with early childhood consulting.

This past July, the District hosted the School Administrators’ Conference in Columbia. This was one of the first in-person gatherings since COVID-19 started. “We realized we all missed seeing each other, in person,” says Haun. “In Columbia we could gather as administrators, and we needed time to talk and renew our relationships with each other.” Haun notes that a big conference take away was realizing what worked well for the past year; lessons that were positive and valuable. One example is how many schools found the option for virtual parent-teacher conferences really useful. Haun notes, “We encouraged teachers to keep parent and teacher conferences in person and virtual–we’d never done that before and it can be convenient for parents.”

Cheryl Haun and Lee Wagner are available for early childhood consulting through the District. It’s work for which they are very qualified, as they are known nationally for their experience and wisdom. It’s also their passion, Wagner notes, “The greatest joy for me in early childhood is seeing all the little blessings our loving Lord brings to our early childhood centers every day and the wonderful ministry of sharing the love of Jesus with them and their families!”