VBS Leaders Unite!

VBS is all about God’s Word and His salvation in our Lord Jesus shared with all the kids, families, volunteers, congregation members, and your community. VBS leaders are often blessed to tell the stories of God at work in and through His Word at VBS! Here are some reminders from seasoned VBS leaders:

Don’t be Shy A great way to share ideas, tips, and inspirations is by connecting online. VBS publishers are on Facebook, blogs, videos, webinars, and more. There are often useful threads and comments made by VBS leaders on these sites. Plus, social media can provide great ideas for decorations, crafts, snacks, and solving challenges. Friending or following active VBS leaders unearths a treasure trove of helpful information.

Help Comes From Anywhere Brainstorming “across disciplines” can stir up new ideas. Craft leaders can have great decorating ideas. Recreation leaders can have ideas about Bible stories. Resource those in your immediate congregation, of course! But also, technology also allows for easy connection from great distances. Someone may have a friend or a friend of a friend who has just what is needed. Your community may even have other congregations doing the same VBS on a different week and can share decorations and supplies.

Order Early Selecting the crafts early allows ample time for supplies orders, which can eliminate stores running out of a needed item, delays in shipments, and can ease gathering donations. Unite with other congregations and place orders together to qualify for free shipping or other savings, or to share component donations. Another good way to increase engagement and donations is by reaching out to families in local summer programs who plan to attend your VBS.

Connect with Your Community Often families and individuals in your community will be VBS “regulars” as their children and parents attend VBS events and volunteer, and community members donate time, supplies, and funding (even if that’s the only time they connect with your church.) Many VBS leaders develop great relationships with these kids and adults! Direct contacts to alert them to the VBS dates, invite them to register, and connect about the Jesus-centered message of this VBS. God is at work when these “strangers” can become dear friends in Christ.

We pray that God blesses all the efforts of the VBS leaders and volunteers as they work to share the good news of Jesus Christ, our Savior.