Note: This activity is also included in the Week One Bible Study.

HOPE is more than a feeling! It is the reality of knowing Jesus and rising with Him to new life! Peter also shows that suffering is more than a feeling. Suffering does not need to be passive. With Jesus, suffering is active. It embraces a living hope (Jesus) and honors Him by doing good.

Where we put our hope is “tested” and “refined” by how we act in suffering. Right now, we have an abundance of opportunities to honor Jesus by “doing good” in this time of suffering. This activity is intended to help your home put your hope to the test by expressing grace and generosity.



How have you been blessed by someone reaching out to you in these extraordinary days? (e.g. with a phone call, a card, a gift at the doorstep, the service of a “essential worker.”)



Do Good in Jesus Name!

Identify one person or household you can show generosity to this week.

a) What specifically will you do to appropriately and safely bless them?

b) How can you share your “living Hope” in Jesus with them through this activity?

c) How can all the members of your household share a part in this activity?

d) When will you do it?