Note: This activity is also included in the Week Six Bible Study.


In last week’s activity you did “PREP for FRANK.” This was an exercise to identify people God may be preparing for you to share the hope that is within you. Share with your group the following from your “prep work” exercise last week:

• Give the first name of one person on your “FRANK” list.

• How do you know them?

• From the PREP exercise, practice sharing one of the PREP exercises you did for homework (See Home Activity 5)


1 Peter 5:1-5


How can your household or group specifically show gratitude to a spiritual leader that has impacted this group? Make plan to share an expression of gratitude this week.

Peter calls us now to invest in other people as their spiritual leaders and mentors. Look at your FRANK list (or add to it). Who is the person most accessible and open to your spiritual support, care, encouragement, mentoring?

Eternal investments are long term commitments. Furthermore, they are not age/experience dependent. Everyone—children or adults, male or female, varied educational and vocational backgrounds—has people that look up to us. God desires that so that we invest in their eternity.

a) What is one step you can take to invest and buy-in deeper to a Christian relationship that invests in their eternity?

b) How will you continue to do this beyond the study?

c) What support or resources would you need from this group, your church or pastor?