Faith Starts at Home

From illustrated bibles to prayers over dinner, children learn about God from the day-to-day life and people in their family. As a parent, you start out as their whole world, but that influence gradually fades. Yet, children seek answers long after they stop constantly asking “Why?” This means there are chances to continue to shape their faith.

While every family is unique, one thing many parents have in common is worry. We all want a good future for our children, and that means a solid foundation in the Word of God.

There’s no question about the pressure facing kids today, which parents feel as they offer guidance and support. What if my child falls in with the wrong crowd? What can I do to protect her from bullies? What if he struggles with the influence of social media?

The local church can play a major role in faith formation of young people through supporting families. Every family has a story, and when they attend church, each person brings their own individual view of it along their walk with Christ.



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