Nurturing and Guarding Church Worker Health in the Missouri District

We know that healthy servants are critical to fruitful congregations, successful schools and happy, God-honoring families. We also know that staying healthy in all facets of your life is easier said than done. That’s why the Missouri District has identified healthy servants as an area of focus.

If you’re like most church workers, your life can get hectic.

You might even have moments when your life doesn’t feel completely your own. Even when you love what you do, it’s a lot sometimes. You have a family and relationships of your own, but your work revolves around other people. People who are complex, helpful, flawed and sometimes broken, whose lives don’t always fit neatly into a predetermined schedule or respect your deadlines.

And while it might seem like few people are talking about it, church worker health is a large focus of the Missouri District. We’ve created a space where we pray you don’t feel the need to put on a front, a space where you can be honest and direct about the good times and the bad.