Our Hope for Years to Come

The Missouri District is offering a free six-week bundle of resources for messages, Bible study, puppet shows, home activities, and personal devotion based on the letter of 1 Peter. The series aligns with the Epistle readings for the Easter season (April 19 through May 24) but could be used at any time.

The series is in development from volunteers from the Missouri District of the LCMS. They have produced these materials with the desire to support churches in simple ways with a message of hope and generosity as followers of Jesus. Recognizing every church has different needs, these materials are provided in a format that will allow pastors, small group leaders, and homes to adapt, print, post and use them in ways that best meet their needs.

We encourage you to make these materials your own! This permission is given to you with our blessing!

None of these materials, however, may be adapted, or published for sale (or the promotion of any product or service) without the written permission of the Missouri District LCMS.

A special thanks to Pastor David Smith and Becky Hohenstein for their contribution to the sermon studies and puppet show videos.  These materials remain a work in progress.  Updates will be posted online and available for download as they come available.  If you would like to contribute additional ideas and materials to this series, please contact Bill Geis.

Bill Geis